Saturday, 7 February 2015

Simple Words of Spirit - Received in a time of Complicated Doubt

January 2015. Written in darkness, in temptation to deeper depression – I realise that January is often like that for me, in a week of major doubt. Written in deep wondering whether God is real, whether Spirit is real, or whether I was just fooling myself with an idea, or a collection of ideas.

Like before I was told to pick up a pen and listen and write down what was heard. This time the words were simple. Simple concepts. Because when it comes down to it there isn't anything complicated about a call to return to what's already in the heart. Everything here is easy to understand – and actually easy to do if I let go of all the self-created obstacles. In truth there is nothing in the way of the spiritual walk or the path of learning to serve (are they the same thing?) unless we put it there ourselves.

Parts of the writing that came in the months before that night are more complicated – or at least less simple! Some of it I don't understand with much clarity at all. But this is obvious. A reminder of what is pretty much in lesson one for many of us. The previous writing won't get shared. And any further writing – once I'm quiet enough to hear again – probably won't be shared either. This only gets shared because of its simplicity and its broad applicability to the life of pretty much anyone at some time or other.

One thing – the phrase “the Christ” is a wide one. It doesn't have to imply being a church-going Christian, although I am one and am most definitely called to be an active part of the particular church of which I am a part. The phrase doesn't necessarily have to imply believing Jesus is alive or even that he ever was alive.  Take the phrase for whatever you want to take it.

Fooling myself? Perhaps. Are these words coming from beyond? Are they from somewhere closer to the essence and truth of the Self? Or are they just what my conscious mind says once all the analysis and over-thinking gets turned off? Or all three working together? Simple answer, I cannot say with anything approaching certainty.

Perhaps you have lost the way. But what is the way? And if you have lost it, can you not find it again and walk once more in the path awaiting you? You have allowed yourself to stray, to wander. You have allowed other concerns to impede the one concern. You already know how to return – to read, to pray, to meditate, to serve, to seek that purity.

And though you may at this time feel alone, you are not alone. Deep inside, at your core, you know that you are never alone. And you know that you were placed where you are for reasons beyond your imagination. You are not alone. I am with you. We are with you. Always.

All that remains is that you walk again, cry out again, seek again the within and the without. You can do it because you have strength and will be given strength.

You are tempted to give up. You are tempted to fall away. You ask if there is any point and you ask again whether that which is real is Real.

Do not give in. Focus on the safety. Focus on the revelations of the past until you reach again the revelations of the present – or at least the realisation that you are always in that place.

Again, you are not alone. Your essence is safe. I will be with you, for you, beside you, within you, embraced firmly in passionate love. I will never let you go and will continue to draw you, prod you, lead you and show you the ways into the Way, your Way, your Centre.

Remember the words – the Christ IS your path, the Christ IS at the centre of your being. Look to the Christ. Always. Unfailing. Unceasing. To the Christ. To the Victor. Return.

Return. Listen to the call and return into hope, into fire, into that growth into Being. Pray again. Sit again, alone with me. There is nothing to fear in Way, Being, Life. Come to me again and rejoice. This cannot be said enough. Rejoice. Rejoice.

That's all. You know what needs to be done. Look inside, find the answer. Rejoice. In love, rejoice. Return. In Christ, return. Recommit. To the path, recommit. You know it. Only you can do it. Only you. But never only you – never alone.

Yes, that which is real IS Real. Believe again. Know again. And again, run into reality.


  1. G————–C————–G
    I’m comin’ home dear Father
    I’m comin’ back to you
    I’ve done my share of roamin’
    And I was so lonesome it’s true.

    Wandered from you for a season
    For I thought that I would win through
    But without your love to guide me
    I would just be empty and blue.

    Copyright Shirley Anne 2 Oct 2011

    G/D……………… Am – C
    Rejoice my soul
    My God loves me
    ……………………..D – Dsus4 – D
    He gave me everything
    ……..C…………………… G
    And died to set me free

    G/D…………….. Am – C
    Sing out in praise
    Once burdened heart
    ……………………D – Dsus4 – D
    For your deliverance
    ……..C……………………… G
    And for a brand new start

    Em…………. Am
    Sing out O heart
    C……………. G
    Sing out again
    Em………………… D – Dsus4 – D
    Praise now the God
    ……..C………………………. G
    Who rose up from the grave.

    Copyright Shirley Anne 9 Sept 2012

    We all struggle Clare. I remember an old advert on the tv which spoke about getting the strength of the insurance companies around you so that in all eventualities you would be looked after. In our case we have an assurance, a knowledge that we are loved by our Creator. We need to keep that in mind especially when we hit difficult times. We need to focus on the One who is in control and not the one who constantly tells us we are unworthy and sows disharmony and unbelief or doubt in our hearts. Take care

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Beautiful words, Clare. In times of doubt and darkness, how blessed you are to sense One guiding with such poetic simplicity.


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