Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Days Of Gratitude - Treating Winefride. Taking The Ferry But Not To The Baltic

Readers of this blog will be unsurprised by the next sentence.

I am behind with my blog.

Here are four more days of gratitude.  Were they really less than a fortnight ago?

9th August

Grateful that people seem to like the most recent blog posts by Blob and the one I accidentally wrote about biphobia this morning.

Grateful to have been able to take Blob Thing and Winefride on an adventure. She wanted to go on the ferry too. Who am I to deny her request?

Winefride poses with a giant lion.

He was very friendly.

Blob and Winefride enjoying themselves.

 Grateful that I just about kept my brain functioning when out. Just. About.

Grateful that nobody has yet locked me up in a psychiatric ward for the way I talk about, to, and as Blob Thing!

10th August

Grateful for charity shop books of a kind that would almost have been an instant eternal hell sentence for the good reasonably fundy I once was. Almost.

Grateful, not for the first time, for free tea and cake at John Lewis, and for finding a way out of that shop that doesn't involve heading back into the rest of the shopping mall. Woo hoo!

Another grateful. I just thought of it.

Six months ago today it was Ash Wednesday. The first day of my official Lenten fasting from church.

Very grateful to have been able somehow to take that step. Six months into my six week fast I have no regrets about starting to learn what life without regular church attending might look and feel like.

11th August

Grateful to have gone out with wife and child today. A rare family outing. We didn't do the planned activity but found things.

Grateful too that I am quite pleased with Blob's post today ( blobthing.blogspot.comI think) even though it entirely didn't go to plan.

Going for the obscure pictures today! 

12th August

Grateful to have got into town long enough to gain a shorter fringe, or to lose a longer fringe.

Also grateful to start writing something in the cathedral cafe. On paper rather than on the walls. And to continue for a while at home.

Grateful to have had just enough spoons to be out for these things, to find two things to snap a picture of, and to buy this hippo.

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