Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Six Months

A few words jotted down while sitting in a coffee house, 3rd December.

Be warned again, this has a very low quality threshold due to being slammed down onto paper in under 10 minutes.  It's honest - but certainly not crafted.  All the repetition was (mainly) intentional.

Unforeseen, from unforeseen.
Six months, a lifetime
Pain filled joy, joy filled pain.

I stood before myself.
Stripped naked in the clothes I wore
Naked, revealed, plain as the face
Through which I found release.

I stood before myself.
Stripped of illusion, the manhood I wore
Truth, revealed, plain as the body,
The flesh that hid the she who is.

The unforeseen, clearly seen.
Six months, beautiful revelation
Pain into clarity, tears into joy.

I stand before myself
Naked, washed clean by the torrents
Stripped of the lies, barricades broken
Into the unity of open knowledge.

I stand before myself
Stripped naked, bare flesh of a new life
She, revealed, plain as that man's face
She, brilliant freedom, released in love

Unforeseen, from unforeseen.
New life begins now.

Unforeseen, from unforeseen.
Given future, given hope.

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