Saturday, 10 September 2016

Days Of Gratitude - Street Logos, Memories, And Quiet Betwen Adventures

Yes, a few more days of being grateful.  The quiet days between Autscape and Greenbelt.  I am typing this from the home of my uncle and aunt in Wiltshire.  Life is slightly surreal right now and there are lots of things going on that we would rather not be going on.  I haven't made time to post on my blog in a while - and for quite a bit of the last few weeks I haven't had a WiFi connection or even an old fashioned modem.  Using my pay-as-you-go phone as an internet hotspot is something else that I'm grateful for but it does get expensive if you want to use the internet too much or play with photos.

Anyway.  Here are four days.

23rd August

Grateful that although I forgot about electrolysis and shaved the previous day there was just enough hair length that I didn't waste an appointment.

 Grateful for a couple of friends to look after me through the appointment.

Grateful too for laughter with Kit in the evening.

24th August

Grateful for books found in Oxfam.

In this house we like street logos and regularly take photos of them if we see them.

I confess that theopraxy is a new word for me. The book looks fascinating. God is the good we do.
Another non-theistic god version.

25th August

Grateful today that I didn't have to go to hospital. I thought for a while I might have to. On a day of my head misbehaving and finding life very difficult indeed that kind of worry wasn't appreciated.

But grateful that hospital was avoided. Also grateful that if a hospital had been needed there would have been one available because no government has yet succeeded in destroying the NHS.

Grateful too for memories. Blob Thing has been blogging about a trip out in June and it gives me an excuse to see photos containing sunshine, sea and smiles.

26th August

Grateful to have traveled to Manchester for a few days with Amanda.

We are going on an adventure.

Facebook has updated so I can't post photos. Stupid Facebook! Stupid software!  (but thanks to the wonders of blogging this weeks later here are a couple.  A street logo from Newcastle and a point-and-hope photo from the coach.)

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