Sunday, 20 November 2016

Days Of Gratitude - The End Of The Snowdog Quest - And A Bit On The Side

My Snowdog quest is over.  We did it.  And we each have a certificate of completion too for our Snowdog success.

These days contained much rushing round Tyne and Wear finding dogs.  But they contained much else too.  On two of these four days we didn't see a single new Snowdog.  Instead we spent a day in Bradford, went to a cinema, accidentally spent time on the wrong Metro station and had a few hours of resting.

In a way I'll miss searching for those dogs.  But I'm sure another obsession will arise to take their place in due course.

12th November

Grateful to have been able to go back to Bradford for the first time in over 20 years. Even if my old home is now a car park and the pub I liked is now a betting shop.

Seen on a Bradford wall
Grateful to have seen Amanda for a few hours. To have walked through a tunnel of water. To have found somewhere quiet to drink tea.

And for silly things.

13th November

Grateful for a free movie showing at Side. My first ever visit to the cinema there, but not the last.

Grateful that getting the wrong Metro is not the end of the world and that some unexpected time at Longbenton station was more a reason to take some pictures than to whip myself for being silly.

14th November

Grateful for another crazy Snowdog day.

And grateful that this arrived in the post.

It has my name in it.

And an F not an M.

How many of you needed a psychiatrist's letter in order to get a passport?!

15th November

Grateful for this: Blob Thing, Winefride and I completed the Great North Snowdog trail. Kind of. We found all 97 little Snowdogs and all 61 of the big Snowdogs that were in Tyne and Wear. There's a 62nd dog but that one was living in Kielder so we're not counting it. At least not until we see it at the farewell event in a couple of weeks.

We finished!

This would come as a great relief to everyone because it would mean I would shut up about Snowdogs now. Except Blob Thing has started a Blob in which he wants to talk about every single dog and share all his photos. [Clare is a very crazy obsessive]

And on our finishing day we also saw fabulous street art and the Ouseburn farm, and we ate chips in a person-free location right above the waters of the Tyne estuary, watching the birds. Stunning.

Pictures - a gorgeous dog in Jesmond Dene and Blob and Winefride having issues staying on their final large dog.

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