Saturday, 19 November 2016

Days of Gratitude - The Height of A Snowdog Obsession

This was the height of the obsession.  The next gratitude post will also see these heights.

But now I have finished.  Seen every dog.  The obsession isn't quite over.  Blob Thing is documenting the whole thing on his special obsessive project blog, Blob and the Snowdogs.  That's going to take a while to complete.

It's not all been Snowdogs though.  Nearly.  But not quite.  Seeing them has provided an excuse to see the county too and go places I've never been before.  I was glad to find the Shipley art gallery.  There are some fantastic things on show there.  Glad to walk by the sea and by rivers.  Glad to be able to be out and to be feeling better than I had all year about being out.

They have been good days.  I'd recommend Snowdog hunting.  Except that after tomorrow they will all be collected from the streets of Tyne and Wear and the hunting will be impossible.  I met a woman on Tuesday who was trying to photograph as many as she could - but she had only picked up the map that morning.  I hope she has had some awesomely fun days chasing dogs around the county.

7th November

Grateful to have got through a 2 hour assessment thing with sanity relatively intact.

Grateful to have been able to get out in the afternoon and find a few more Snowdogs.

8th November

Grateful to have seen 9 more snowdogs (and the base of a missing one).

 And on the way, grateful for door knockers and handles, gorgeous views, sculptures, ferry rides, a zip wire, the sea and the river, and a really good cheap day.

Here seen - Tynemouth Priory from the north and the south. It was a good day for much walking.

9th November

Grateful for snowdogs,

art galleries, 

the Angel, 

parks, bus routes, charity shops, succeeding in today's photo challenge, and generally grateful that there are things to smile about today no matter who people voted for in the US and no matter what policies here mean for disadvantaged people and no matter what horrors are being perpetrated elsewhere

10th November

Grateful for the sun on the sea this morning.

Grateful to have completed two more daft photo challenges. And also that I have now seen every large Snowdog - except for a missing one and the one at Kielder. Finding them all has been a joyful process.

11th November

Grateful to encounter this dog. This is Splodge. He's a full size Snowdog but isn't on the official trail.

Don't worry - it won't be too long before I stop posting Snowdog pictures!

Grateful when out collecting a wheelchair later to have met this friendly cat. And then to meet another. Their friendliness was cheering.

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