Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Days Of Gratitude - Schoenstatt, Singing, And The Sunday Assembly

November has gone.  December arrived.

Here then are some simple gratitude posts from the end of November.  It's been a good year of trying to post in the Sunday Assembly group every day - which is what the rules say.  But I've come to a decision.  I think.

I will be stopping posting each day in the group.  I'm going to keep it up until the end of December and will then withdraw.  Next year I can find some other way to focus on the joys.  The group is almost nothing now anyway.  130 members.  Sometimes three posts a day.  Sometimes two.  Sometimes just one.  Me.  It's not really a group and it's not a place where seeing other people's joys every day brings you joy.

So I'm going to find something else for 2017.  I have another 24 days to work out some possibilities.  No pressure!  Whatever happens, I will have an entire year of days of gratitude to look back on.  And that's something very precious.

These were the final five days of November.  A period that began in a mental low and saw some improvement.  The last photo reminds me that dark days - such as 26th November - don't last forever.  There will be days of brilliant light again.

26th November

Grateful to have got through the day.

Grateful to have turned up for something a week early. Rather than a week late.

This odd photo is from the previous Saturday. Never mind! 

27th November

Grateful for the Sunday Assembly and for meds that enabled me to be there.

Grateful for plaques I haven't read before and for this egg from Jesmond Dene.

28th November

Grateful to have asked for a writing prompt. The result may not be stunning but I am enjoying it.

Grateful to be able to get to a free event at the Lit & Phil with poems about stuttering.

The only photo of the day - my warthog, who was wishing goodnight to someone.

29th November

Grateful to have been able to get to the Writers' Cafe and not walk out in a complete state as I did last week.

Grateful to be feeling amazingly better than a week ago.

That photo seems apt.  A pleasing sky for a pleasing state of mind.  It's was taken at the start of October and shows part of the view from the Schoenstatt Shrine on the edge of Bolton.

30th November

Very grateful to be able to be at the choir after having to miss four sessions in a row for different reasons.

It means a lot to me.

Another out of time photograph, taken on the same day as I visited Schoenstatt.  This is the River Irwell.  A bright sunshine is fitting for a day on which I got back to the choir.

[As I post this on the blog, a week later, I'll be leaving for choir again very soon and enjoyed an extra rehearsal at the weekend.  We have our first ever little performance on Saturday.  Eek!]

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