Saturday, 26 March 2016

Days of Gratitude - Persimmon, Piano and a Preserved Human Hand

Wow!  I've got behind on this.  At the start of the year I joined the Sunday Assembly Newcastle gratitude group.  There aren't many of us left but I'm still there and haven't missed many days of posting something for which I'm grateful.  But I've got behind on blogging my gratitude diary.  I'm doing this primarily for myself, so I can look back at some of the good things of my life when I'm having a bad time.  And sometimes the times are very bad.  But I know that some other people enjoy this too and a few are even inspired by it.

So it's time to catch up.  Tonight, the first week of March:

 1st March

Grateful for the meds that gave me enough head space that I could go out for a while today. Grateful that I was rewarded with books to buy.

Grateful to have been able to make noises with guitar, piano and voice tonight even if the improvised, never to be heard again, song on the guitar was a little strange. This photo may be a repeat. I should remember to take pictures every day.

Grateful for the CD currently playing of the Jacques Loussier Trio playing Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

And grateful, so damn grateful, that some dreams don't come true. 

2nd March

Grateful that Grainger Market had these today. Didn't think I would be seeing persimmon, or kaki fruit as they called them, for quite a few months.

A friend is jealous as she has been even more addicted to them than I have.

3rd March

Grateful to have been given some guidance tonight. Especially as it totally matches what I already knew.

Grateful for the brainwave to move something big from my bedroom into the spare room, and that I know that I won't miss any of the things I've cleared out today. At this rate the bedroom will become a more comfy place instead of a room made oppressive and tense by the sheer quantity of stuff and clutter.

 4th March

Grateful to have got the best Metro seat travelling both to and from Sunderland.

Not sure if the other picture is a grateful but I am grateful that it was conversation tonight. I found I have a piece of linen blessed by the Holy Hand of St Edmund Arrowsmith. This is the hand in question. It's in a church near Wigan. Grateful too that my piety isn't traditional Catholic now, if my piety exists at all!

5th March

Grateful that I have taken the plunge: I just ordered myself a bodhran.

It's a cheap one and it was ultra cheap because the ink on it is a bit smudged into the edges of the drum. But that seemed entirely appropriate because we already have smudging at the drum group I go to.

It may not be the last bodhran I buy but it's definitely the first.

Neighbours will be pleased that this bungalow is detached.

No photo, but after yesterday's preserved hand that may come as a relief.

6th March

Grateful for drumming in the evening and for buying second hand books while I was there. Grateful for a quiet day at home before that. Very grateful indeed that an unwell friend was able to get home safely from London.

 7th March

Grateful for rainbows. And sunshine.

The sun made this rainbow on my skirt as I travelled on the Metro this morning. And then this afternoon it shone through the crystal in the window and made rainbows on the walls.

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