Friday, 25 March 2016

Street Art - The Arches Project, Gateshead, 17th March 2016

There's a little area behind The Sage in Gateshead that's well known for street art.  It's not static, the pictures and tags change as the artists do more work.  It's The Arches Project which includes digital music, dance, set design and more.  It's worth wandering past The Arches if you're anywhere near The Sage and taking a look at whatever art can be seen.

No comments about these.  Except to say that I really love the one that's kind of a Russsian doll.  This is what could be seen in the middle of March this year.

Of course, I didn't know of this person.  Taylor Cusack was found dead in his home.  He was only 17.  If you want to read about him the Chronicle has this moving report about his death, his funeral and tributes paid to him. Yes.  Rest in peace Taylor.

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