Friday, 29 April 2016

Days of Gratitude - Friendships, Forests and Foul Carpet Remedies

Another week of things to be grateful for.  There have been bad times.  And good times.

The bad news mentioned below is that the gender clinic have decided not to refer me for a second opinion at this time.  A second opinion - a second consultant psychiatrist must in their infinite wisdom decide that I am me - is necessary before I could be referred for surgery.  So the wait is stretched out for at least another extra four months.  Part of me is really very annoyed by this.  Part of me couldn't care less.  And there's even a part, the sensible part that has been walking several times in the last week (blog posts of photos will follow) and needed to pee in the open, that sees there is a definite advantage to keeping this penis.  Anyway, on with the gratitude!

 16th April

Grateful that on the days when my head struggles and gets very overwhelmed there are simple things to help with calming.

Trying a new one. Extreme dot to dot. Pretty relaxing and helped the head slow down and find some focus. I might get bored of this quickly, but joining up the 1200 numbers on the first page did help.

Grateful too for all the good people protesting in London, here and elsewhere yesterday. There is still hope.

18th April

Grateful for Meeting a friend in Tea Sutra and using my completed loyalty card that I have had for at least six months.

19th April

Grateful that this arrived. Our old vacuum cleaner has been pretty dead for quite a while and our carpets were pretty disgusting. That means that I've already had to empty the new vacuum cleaner four times.

Yes, they were that bad.

Having non-manky carpets is great.

21st  April

Grateful for sunlight. For looking at the garden and seeing a cat and a fox sleeping there.  Honestly, there is a fox down there.

Also grateful to learn that child is doing so well at school. Lots of high numbers and letters right at the start of the alphabet.

And grateful to have got through my electrolysis appointment without getting very close to melting. Thanks to an illegal medication dose and to clutching a unicorn tightly.

22nd April

In the morning I felt dreadful.  And during the day I got some bad news.

But there is a lot of good to choose from.

Random decision to take a random bus from Regent Centre. I discover there is a lot to explore on the route.

Highlight was discovering Plessey Woods and sitting in peace for a while by the river only hearing the water and the birds. It's such a relief and release.

23rd April

Grateful that a friend arrived last night for the evening and isn't leaving until tomorrow. Grateful to be able to offer a relaxing place for her.

Grateful that the house rules are to be who you are. And being social is optional.

She likes my bubble gun too.

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