Saturday, 30 April 2016

Days of Gratitude - Walking Down the Wansbeck River and experiencing Pulp Fiction

Another few days of gratitude from my posts as part of the Sunday Assembly Newcastle Gratitude Group.  These four days included two good walks and time out with a friend.  They have been good.  I'm actually really proud of myself for the second walk.  Not because of being able to walk seven or eight miles of course.  Even though, honestly, that's the furthest I've walked in one go since September 2013.

I'm proud because I'd had such problems with anxiety and panic in the morning and it would have been much easier to stay at home and binge watch something.  But I was able to refuse to be defeated, at least that time, and got out.  The reward was great and I'm proud that I got out and went somewhere I'd never been before.

I was also very glad:  By the time I got back to Regent Centre on the bus, to get a Metro from there, it was pouring with rain.  Shortly after I got home it was snowing.  So I was very glad to have stayed dry apart from a little bit of not too heavy hail for a few minutes.

I'll warn you.  The walks from the last week are all going to be blogged when I catch up on posting.  There will be lots of photos.  Lots of them.  I've been enjoying taking pictures but I haven't got round to the enjoyment of editing any of them.  Every photo here is unedited, they're just what was taken on my phone.  A couple were taken when using whatsapp.  A friend messaged me and I happened to be in pretty places at those moments so kinda showed off that I was in a beautiful place.  It's easy to spot which photos those two are.

River Wansbeck, to the East of Stakeford
25th April

Grateful that I ignored the rain, sleet and hail that all happened during the few minutes walking to the Metro.

Instead of going home again I walked from Stakeford to Newbiggin. And hardly got wet at all. It was great. And I was completely alone on the beach.

Panorama of beach north of Wansbeck estuary.  Completely deserted.  I was totally alone.

26th April

Grateful for the trip to Whitley Bay today. I met with a friend in a cafe, which was great, and the sweet shop has a very pleasing selection of liquorice.  I was happy flapping about the liquorice and then happy flapping some more when there was an empty box that the nice woman in the shop gave me.

Cafe:  I ate the Moroccan Tagine and cous cous which was really tasty.  It cost £4.50.  Nothing is that expensive there.

Blob Thing enjoyed himself too.

Pulp Fiction Cafe, Whitley Bay.  Recommended

Lovely Liquorice Box.  It had contained "Zout".  Also Recommended.

River Wansbeck, East of Morpeth
27th April

Grateful that I managed to overcome big anxiety and panic problems this morning and rather than staying cosy at home walked for a few hours, from Morpeth to Bothal Mill and back on a circular route.

Very grateful that I only had to contend with a few minutes of light hail and not the snow that was happening an hour ago.

Grateful for a bus pass that is going to do wonders for my mental health if I use it lots.

Pegswood Viaduct, built 1849-50

28th April

Grateful for my bus pass and for the freedom it has given me in the last week.

Today I have collected a pile of bus timetables so my bus pass can give me a lot more freedom and enjoyment, as well as the bonus of being able to get into town for free.

Slightly geekier - grateful that while out I found the complete DVD set of Robin of Sherwood for £1.99. Win!

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