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Anne Graham Lotz: Why Should She Be Tarred With the Epithet Lunatic Merely Because ...

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A couple of days ago I posted a link to this:

I could have posted the Telegraph article about it but didn't - and note that the biggest thing in the Telegraph's section on transgender issues is a photo of Caitlyn Jenner.  Because for much of the media the biggest transgender issue is Caitlyn Jenner.  Rather than the abuse and difficulties trans people face.  How many end up attempting suicide because it's so hard.  How in many nations we are illegal.  How we come in many varieties and are just normal people trying to get on with our lives and live in the truth of who we are.  No.  For the media, Caitlyn is often the big issue.  Grrr!  End rant.
Anyway, I wrote the following:

Today's lunatic Christian is Billy Graham's daughter. Someone very popular rather than a crazy pastor with a tiny church shouting loudly.

I thank God (metaphorically) that I am free of this dangerous nonsense - and grateful that most of my Christian friends are free of it too.
Someone asked me a fair question:  "Why is she a lunatic?"

I answer:
nne Graham Lotz: 9/11 Was Warning From God About Evolution, Church-State Separation - See more at:
A woman who says that God will change the climate (protect a whole nation from storms) if people repent. A woman who says God is judging a nation because people embrace evolution. A woman who says God allows awful things to happen just so people might turn to God. A woman who says that God abandons people for believing wrong.

It's all pretty crazy. And we need to move beyond this kind of thing. Because it's not just crazy, it's dangerous.

As for her, she calls it craziness and silliness that someone like me can use a women's toilet and that good people in the Justice Department stand against a law that would make it illegal. She says those good people are evidence that God has "backed away" from America. She says that believing in evolution is refusing to worship God - by worshiping four footed creatures.

What she says is crazy. It's dangerous. It's a God who is mean. It is a religion that would curtail freedom and human rights and persecute minorities whose very existence goes against a rigid, narrow dogma formed by mixing ancient stories with interpretations that often would have been totally alien to the people who told the stories. It's the religion of a God who will burn people for eternity unless they believe a story about a blood sacrifice.

And the sooner that kind of religion dies out the better. It deserves to die.

She has previously written that allowing LGB and T people to have rights is persecution of "God's people." She has compared standing up to those rights to Bonhoeffer standing up to Hitler. (In agreement with another person who wrote it.) Yep. Forcing a trans man - complete with beard and bulk - to use a women's loo is like standing up to Hitler. Anne Graham Lotz said so in 2014.

Yep. It's crazy. And she actually believes this stuff and thousands and thousands of other people believe it too. And because it's so culturally acceptable to believe these things, people don't see how crazy it actually is.

I am so glad that I have been getting free from it, much as that path to freedom is hard work.
Right, time to get up.  I'm off to church later, for the first time in three months.  Meeting with good people who I respect and who have shown me love and support.  They are great.
Jesus is great too.  And the story is great.  But what has been added on to Jesus and the story is very often far from great.  Let the story live - as one story among many, one path.  Let Jesus be Jesus.  But let the religion that got bolted on so quickly die for the sake of us all.

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