Sunday, 15 May 2016

Days of Gratitude - Walking From Tyne to Wear and in Chopwell Woods

It's time to catch up with posting from my gratitude diary.  For any that don't know, I am part of a facebook group run by Sunday Assembly Newcastle.  The idea is that each person posts something every day that they are grateful for.  That's the idea anyway.  In reality most people post nothing.  I assume that's because they just don't get round to it or want to be in the group and not post rather than that they don't have anything they are grateful for.  It's a shame though.  I know I am uplifted by seeing the gratitude posts of other people.  What we share in groups such as these is good for each other.  Some people post on some days.  I try to post every day but even I don't manage it.

So.  Four more days of gratitude.  At least one of these days will get a post of its own when I catch up on such things.  But there are several things to post before I get that far, such as the Wansbeck walk mentioned here.  I also need to start an Instagram account so I can stick all the photos online and so not risk losing them.

All the photos here were taken on my phone and haven't been edited, with the exception of the picture of the headphones which I found online.  I love my headphones so much.  The world is a much easier place when the maze of noises is softened.  And I believed I was neurotypical!

 29th April

Grateful for this little pottery pot that I got round to washing.

On Wednesday I'd left the path a few times and at one point was balanced precariously on a tree overhanging the River Wansbeck. Because it was worth the risk to get a photo!

On one of the diversions from the path I spotted the pot, just sticking out of the ground and I dug it out. No markings on it but it must have been there a while. Who knows, it might stretch back to the industrial heritage there, some Victorian worker losing it. Who knows?

Anyway, it's a simple thing but I'm grateful to have a souvenir of the walk to help with remembering.

30th April

Grateful that I was able, although feeling pretty dren this morning, to get out and walk again. Tonight me duff knee is telling me to repent.

The walk began at the Metro station closest to one of these, I drank tea at the second, and finished at the Metro station beyond the other one.

That's nearly 11 miles which is nearly 10 miles more than I'm used to!

I've posted the route of the walk here:

1st May

Grateful to have these. They make my life so much easier.

Had to go out and get a part replaced today and being without them was hard. Some days I'm okay. Other days the noise of the city centre is too much and I can get into difficulties.

Sooooo good afterwards to be able to wear them again.

Blessed relief!

2nd May

Grateful for the chance to go for a walk with K.

We went to Chopwell Woods, which I hadn't heard of before. I've not heard of many places round here. Lovely place and lovely that I can get there for nothing.

Grateful too that, with a bit of support, my knee didn't protest much at having to walk some more and go uphill and downhill.

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