Saturday, 30 July 2016

Days of Gratitude - Ringing The Bells, Surviving Meltdown, And Meeting Friendly Policemen

Some more gratitude days.  I've nearly caught up.  Woo hoo!  If I could only catch up with the photo blogs of a couple of dozen days out then I'd be up to date.  It may never happen.  Catching up on posting photos is hard work when I'm doing my best to be busy taking them.

Anyway.  Here's another five days.  Parts of them were very difficult indeed.  On the Friday I'd forgotten to take my meds and wasn't feeling great anyway.  Everything combined and things got to be awful and I don't quite know how I managed to hold it together and get from a place I didn't know at all, through a housing estate I didn't know at all, to a bus stop which turned out not to have a bus going near anywhere I wanted to get to, and then through more roads I didn't know at all to a better bus stop and then catching two buses to get to a safe place.  The way my brain was I honestly don't know how I did it.

But there was lots of good too during those days.  And the last photo here still makes me laugh.

19th July

Very grateful to have returned to The Writers' Cafe. Great people, including some of those strange Sunday Assembly types! I think braving that setting will be very good for me.

Then grateful for lunch with a friend that extended to six o'clock.

And grateful too that in less than 48 hours I will be with this person, who was enjoying an even warmer day than us today.

20th July

Grateful for how good the 50p scone and 50p pot of tea were. And to have rung the church bells afterwards.

Grateful for being amused by the rubbish engraving on the gravestone of this shipbuilder.

Grateful for what this drug does for me and that I don't have to pay for it. They cost £300 each.

Grateful for the big surprises Blob's blog brought me when writing a couple of posts today.

And grateful that by tomorrow evening I will be in Salford.

Tomorrow I may be posting that I am grateful to have arrived.

21st July

Grateful for foxes in the morning.
For cheap local history books at lunchtime and fruit brioche from Aldi.

Grateful that I can afford to travel by Megabus.

Grateful to be with this person by the evening and to have made something special before bedtime.

[Yes, we made Winefride, a sister for Blob Thing.  He's still very excited.]

22nd July

Grateful to be in Manchester with Amanda.

Grateful to walk for a while. It was great for that while.

Then when things quickly went very wrong, oh happy brain, and a crappy old panic attack happened I managed to get things back together and get to safety from a point of not knowing what direction would lead me to a bus to anywhere.

For a while there it was bloody awful.  Very scary.  Very, very scary.

23rd July

Grateful for a deserted play area in Rhiwabon.

Grateful for it being the first day out for Winefride, who was born on Thursday 21st.

Grateful for happy sheep.

And grateful for friendly policemen who didn't mind having their pictures taken with small soft toys.

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