Sunday, 1 January 2017

Days of Gratitude - It's Getting Very Near The End

Yes it is.  It's getting very near the end.  I wanted to present to you The Beatles recording of the reprise of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band.  Unfortunately all the YouTube videos of that have been blocked on copyright grounds.  And that means that none of you will hear the performance and rush out and buy the album.  Instead, here's Cheap Trick.

The end is over.  It's January 1st 2017 and my challenge to post every day in the Sunday Assembly Gratitude Group for a year is complete.  I didn't quite succeed.  On average I missed posting on one day a month.  Now I'm moving onto other things.  I've started a blog to post free writing on as many days as I can manage it, without worrying about quality although hoping that generally the quality will improve as the year continues.  That blog can be found here.  I've started another blog in which I want to consider the Gospels from the New Testament from my post-church, post-Christian, post-theist perspective.  I also know that there will be many things I write this year that won't ever see daylight.  I'm just going to enjoy myself with it.

The gratitude posts helped me a lot in 2016 but in all honesty I am glad to be leaving them behind.  Maybe if the group had remained a place where lots of people posted I'd be happy to stay.  But it didn't.  There are so few of us and I know it's time to move on, with gratitude for the memories and gratitude for the change.

You can almost tell in these entries - or perhaps you can tell without a shadow of a doubt - that I have been quite looking forward to leaving it all behind.

I sit here on the afternoon of January 1st 2017 with reading books, writing books and with a Bible I wasn't expecting to be reading.  I sit here with unformed plans and hopes and know that the year will contain surprises, triumphs and setbacks.   I sit here believing that 2017 is a year for living more fully than I have ever lived before.


Grateful for a quiet day. The tree is up but undecorated!

Grateful for reading, silly games, DVDs.

Grateful that though the exercise from the physio is (swear word) painful it should do some good for my spine and leave it slightly less the wrong shape.


Grateful that people have liked the story I posted a few days ago.
Maybe it could be edited, proof read (it has typos!) and tweaked and submitted somewhere for next Christmas.


Grateful that all the shopping is finished without too much pain.

Grateful that none of the things I had to in town were Christmas related and that they included seeking refuge in the Lit & Phil and browsing a magazine about writing.

Think I'm going to enjoy using that place as a refuge. Once I've bought myself a decent flask so I don't have to pay for tea that comes in mugs that aren't large enough and isn't chai.

Grateful to have free written something about Christmas in addition to the 15,000 word story posted a few days previously.
Grateful to have photos from my childhood, showing a few edited highlights of those years.
This photo isn't in the blog but was taken on Christmas Day 1974.

Grateful for a quiet day at home with no pressures and pain au chocolat for breakfast.
Beth bought me some maps and books.

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