Saturday, 14 January 2017

Question: Is It Wrong To Murder A Man?

Following on from my grumbling and rebellion at prompt 13 from here's prompt 14.  I could apply some of my worries here but must admit that it's been an enjoyable challenge.  Looking ahead I foresee more instances of rebellion.

The found poem: Read a book and circle some words on a page. Use those words to craft a poem. Alternatively you can cut out words and phrases from magazines.

Last Saturday I dragged myself out.  I needed to go somewhere.  Urgently.

That day I'd been meant to go to a women's creativity and spirituality group.  I'd finally plucked the courage to attend and it was important to me.  For reasons that don't need discussing here attending wasn't a viable option.  Let's just say that I was treated badly and, until things changed late the night before, illegally too.  I was hurt and fragile and staying at home would have felt like defeat.  However, in my fragile state, energy was lacking.

I took an easy option.  A bus to Blyth.  I'd read on the bus and look at the fields.  Then Blyth would offer me happy diversions.  Charity shops, cafes, and a chance to sit myself by the river with a portion of chips.  I could manage that.  So I caught the bus and sat on the front seat, top deck.  I found it there.  A copy of That's Life magazine.  A glossy mix of sad stories and triumphs.  If you're interested to read it, it's the issue dated 12th January 2017.

I took the magazine home thinking that maybe I could cut it up for something.  Make a collage.  Then I saw this writing prompt changed the plan.  That's Life magazine could become my poem.  So I set to work last night cutting out words.  Today I put them in order.  The result was, not coincidentally, something that could have come out of the pages of That's Life magazine.

Balanced formatting of this would be possible using a word processor.  It's a near impossibility using the Blogger web pages.

Is it wrong to want to murder a man?

I was 21 when seduced:

Super romantic               One kiss
A sexy smooch

"Let's Party."
I pushed.
You can trust your dream boyfriend."


he panted

Paralysed ...                                       I LET him do it.

Bedded.         Virginity ... Gone

Shocking wedding night,
I learn the evil truth:

"You look like a tramp.
Dirty                  Sick                    Evil."

Caught with another woman.
Licking her lips
And under her big knickers
her bottom.

Betrayed by Him.
My Life: Hell.


A Change in Me.
Stay positive             and confident

Now you can search
Find ways to fix your problems

Reach to a prize:

Like being stabbed in the head
how to carry out a hit.



Or to put that into another form of presentation:

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