Monday, 2 January 2017

Days of Gratitude - This Is The End, The Final Days of 2016

2016 is over.  If you are reading this then you survived all the highs and lows and the joys and sorrows.  Well done.  Give yourself a pat on the back.

This is the end.  The final set of gratitude diary entries.  It's January now and the first day in a year on which I'm deliberately not posting anything.  For me it's served its purpose and I am moving on to whatever exciting things happen this year.

2017 is the year for doing.  That was in part of a message received yesterday by/through a friend.  She's crazy but she speaks sense.  This is a year for doing.  Not just talking but doing.  Getting on with it.  Getting on with whatever the vision is and with embracing self and others and walking the path.  That's what my friend said anyway.  And do you know what?  On this occasion I believe her.

Perhaps the song by The Doors isn't appropriate.

Because this isn't just the end.

This is the beginning.


Grateful to have tidied a room. I can now see the desk table again.
I put things on the walls again, securely, that had fallen off.
And my collapsing Catholic pictures now have the addition of a ten foot rosary, an essential item for any forty foot tall Catholic enthusiasts.


Grateful for new writing ideas and for hope.
Grateful for sorting out the CDs I cleared out months ago and that selling some of them - not the ones in the picture - should nearly pay for my Lit & Phil membership. 

Grateful that I can move on from a game obsession after a week of wasting too much time.
I have reached this point.
Let's just ignore the thousands of user made levels and move on. A good idea!


Crappy day of a PIP tribunal that didn't happen. They adjourned it. It was not pleasant.
Grateful for these tasty treats forming a most unhealthy dinner.


Grateful to have spent the end of the year as I wish to begin the new. With family, crazy people, and friendship. With reading and writing. With walking and seeing the sea. With meditation. And with a lot of hope.

Grateful too for the way Blob Thing helped me in 2016. It's his first birthday.

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