Wednesday, 15 March 2017

On Commonwealth Day Britain Became The Ruler Of Nothing

A free written Facebook status update, morning of March 14th.  (Pi Day)

On Commonwealth Day
We celebrate how Britain
Took over half the world.

A coincidence?
On that day we passed a law
To cut ourselves off.

We fled from Europe.
Ran from our integration
In shared community.

Do we still believe
We have a God given right
To independence?

Does Westminster dream
Of our Empire past? The years
When we ruled the waves.

Hard Brexit or soft?
Let's hope it's a Kind Brexit,
Rich in compassion

For three million
Who now live in fear of us
And our Parliament.

On Commonwealth Day
I sigh to live in a land
Where wealth won't be shared.

Cry for broken dreams
Of full cooperation
With our neighbour states.

On Commonwealth Day
Britain decides to rule again.
Without free kindness.

On Commonwealth Day
The world is afraid of us
And I am ashamed.

March 14th. Morning. After the House of Lords gave up trying to amend the bill in Parliament so it would protect the three million EU citizens currently living in the UK. The Law will now be passed without those protections and the process of our leaving the EU will probably be triggered this week. This is Brexit. We had a vote. But how many of those who voted for leaving the EU wanted to be unkind about it? Hard or soft, I believe most Brexit voters want to be kind. Our government seems not to want kindness and only to railroad through their own monolithic idea of what form Brexit should take.

People didn't vote for that.

We've heard a lot about the three million. What of the one million? The UK citizens living in the EU. Does their future depend on how we choose to treat the EU citizens living here? Should they be living in fear too that their sunny life in Spain might be replaced with a flat in Scunthorpe?

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