Friday, 14 October 2016

Along The Canal To Trafford - Photos From June 24th 2016

As promised, here are a set of photos from part of a happy day out with Blob Thing.

As you join us we have headed from Deansgate in Central Manchester to the calm of a canal and we are now starting our trip along the canal.  At some point I want to walk much further along the waterways than we did that day.  The canal is calling to me.  Walk me!  I have to admit that there are quite a lot of places in Greater Manchester calling to me to walk.  And there are places a little further afield too.  On my last visit to Manchester we took the train to Glossop which is a Peak District market town just over the border into Derbyshire.  The train fare was very low so it'll be easy to return to.  I've just found this walk to Bleaklow which looks very appealing.  A walk needing good footwear and a walk which includes the most easterly point in the British Isles above 2000 feet.  It has to be admitted that a canal towpath makes for easier walking.

Glossop also had a cafe - Glossop Cafeteria - with a marvellously large cooked breakfast which of course, being greedy, was what I wanted.  For an extra 70p the three slices of toast were covered with a large amount of melted cheese.  Another excellency about that breakfast was that the baked beans and tomatoes came in separate pots so the sauce and juice did not mix with the other elements of the meal and worryingly taint them.  I thought that was an excellent idea.  Plus they turned down the radio a lot for us.  It was like the place was set up for autistic people deliberately.  I'm guessing it wasn't but those separate pots were a brilliant touch that all purveyors of cooked English breakfasts should introduce.  The toilet was also interesting.  One little room only, with a lock.  But in addition to the toilet, and just to the left of the toilet, was a urinal.  The two next to each other in one room.  I admit that I have never seen that before.  Enough about the cafe.  There's a canal to show off.

I'm not going to comment about these photos.  If you have any questions, ask.  And there's a possibility I can answer you in a useful manner.  There's also a possibility that I won't have a clue.  And a possibility that I'll make up a story that's as good as the right answer apart from it being the wrong answer.

I look at these pictures and smile.  A happy day.  There are many happy days.

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