Friday, 28 October 2016

Days Of Gratitude - Fungi, Flowers, Freefalling, And Freedom

I'd been finding it hard going.  Then my wife had an accident and had to be in hospital.  So everyone found it hard going.  She is home now but it's going to be hard going for her for a while.

These are the tough days as I experienced them.  They had plenty of good in them.

Some may disagree and say that the books pictured below are most definitely not good religious books.  We all have opinions.  Some may say that there is no such thing as a religious book.  The religious and spiritual books surrounding me are very varied.  I don't think the special interest will ever die no matter how my views change.

Onwards with the days.  You can't beat a good fungus.

October 20th

For sitting in a cafe with good religious books to read.

For doing well in a reversi/Othello game. Okay, it's only level 2 of 10.

For chai.

And for being able to sit in the dark when very very overloaded in the evening. This photo is a selfie.

October 21st

My brain went into free fall for a number of reasons. One of those days in which essential self care is made impossible.

Grateful for a fungus in the morning and a flower at night.

October 22nd

Grateful for a few hours free for essential self care.

Feeling bad but without that time, bad would be much worse.

And they were great hours too.

Grateful once again for a bus pass.

Without that bus pass getting out on random adventures would be far too expensive for me.  With it, there is some money left over for enjoying food and cafes - at lower cost than the transport would be without a bus pass.

This really good meal in Bedlington, above the Light Well-being Centre, cost £3.50.

October 23rd

Grateful to be able to spend some time alone.

Grateful to have managed to get things tidy enough to have access to these keys and make a complete racket for the first time in a while.

I confess to playing a God song. But I did medley it with The Green, Green Grass of Home!

October 24th

Beth came home. She had had enough of hospital and wanted to be home instead.

Three pictures not connected with that news. While Beth was in hospital that room became a room again.

Recovery will take a while but will not include hospital food and will include home comforts and quiet.

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