Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Imperial War Museum And Salford Quays - 24th June 2016

Things are not as I would wish them to be right now.  They're not as any of us here would wish them to be.  Not at all.  I won't give details on the blog but things have taken a decidedly unpleasant turn.

There have been better days.  There will be better days again.

Here's part of a better day.  A final set of photos from a day spent walking from Manchester city centre to Salford Quays along waterways.  I'll start where I left off, with a striking building.  It houses the Imperial War Museum North.  Now, war isn't my favourite subject but admission to the museum is free so I went in to look around.  I was glad I did.  It's worth returning too at some point.  The exhibitions were well put together and Blob Thing enjoyed having his picture taken.  The exhibitions were good.  But the architecture is stunning.  Walking from the outside, through the entrance hallways and into the main exhibition space is quite an experience.  If you want a little information about the building, this is a quick and easy page to read.

This is "The Crusader" by Jerry Judah.

It's pretty stunning.

Onward from the museum.

This is half of the Blue Peter garden.  It's surprisingly small.  The other half contains a tiny pond and the statue of Petra the dog.  I took lots of pictures of Blob Thing here but he wasn't impressed due to never having seen Blue Peter.  I haven't seen it in years - it's not been a programme you accidentally channel hop to since it got moved to CBBC.

Blob wasn't impressed but Blue Peter was part of my childhood and I was happy to have seen the garden.

I admit by this time I was a bit tired.  I'd also reached the end of my planned walk.  That evening I was meeting people in a place we like in central Manchester.  I didn't have time to return to the house and rest.  But there was time for tea.  I walked through a food fair along the side of the Quays and found a big cup of tea for a Pound.  Walking on there was music being performed, a man singing and playing an acoustic guitar.  I sat nearby on a bench and looked out across the water.  It was all very pleasing.

Yes.  That was a good day.  Financially it cost me very little.  Money isn't needed for a good day out.  There will be lots more good days.  Today isn't one of them.  But there will be more.

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