Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Days of Gratitude - A Life Shared With Autism and Murder and Cake

Mea culpa!  Mea culpa!  Mea maxima culpa!

I missed a day in the Sunday Assembly Gratitude Group.  That's the tenth day I've missed.  I only realised when sorting out the posts here and I've filled in the gap.  Phew!

My head has been struggling to find some firm footing.  I'm sure it'll be a lot better soon.

I will read through the words of Sarah Cowper soon and see what she said about her life and her motives.  As far as I remember she is pretty decent at talking.  Gotta feel sorry for Jo though.  Poor Jo.  She didn't deserve that, no matter what Sarah said!  No, I don't expect you to understand any of that.  You weren't there when Sarah told me her story.

Yeah.  One year since officially being diagnosed as having an autism spectrum disorder.  I was planning to write something about that.  It turned out that at the time I was too disordered for the task.  That's okay.  There is plenty of time to write it.  I haven't even written the second part of the post about why I was seeking a diagnosis in the first place.  That one just didn't happen.  That's okay too.

October 11th

The third day in a row of not being up to leaving the house.

But. Grateful to have completed the draft of a 7000 word monologue by a convicted mass murderer who is totally convinced by the righteousness of her actions. I have never written something like that before.

Yes. That's her name.

October 12th

After most of the day seeming to go wrong, very grateful to have been able to go and sing in our brand spanking new choir.

It's a lot of fun.

A photo word of wisdom after completely screwing up and thus missing something I had booked for.

Grateful too for the times Facebook reminds me of very happy days.

October 13th

Grateful to have taken control of something in my life - and said no without feeling guilty or rubbish.

Grateful for free cake at John Lewis.

And the big one. Grateful that one year ago today, after putting it off for a lot of years, I received a diagnosis of autism. Glad to have finally managed to accept this aspect of me.

October 14th

I confess that I am cheating. I missed a day in the gratitude group.

I have two photos taken on this day. One is of me holding a soft toy.

The other is of Blob Thing's creator holding a soft toy. And through the medium of the magic of soft toys we held each other although separated by a large distance.

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