Sunday, 30 October 2016

Challenged To Take A Photograph 4c: A Marble Run

I had done well enough.  I had completed two of my three photographic challenges and had enjoyed a lot of sights along the way.  It goes to show that when you are open to being surprised and open to a little exploration then surprises can appear and astound.  Sometimes it's absolutely worthwhile deliberately getting a bit lost.  With my current lack of sense of direction I'm finding it very easy to get lost accidentally unless I have previously visited a place in person.

Thank you Sunderland for revealing some of your street art.  I believe there will be more to find.

The third challenge remained.  To photograph a marble run.

I had called the challenge impossible.  Impossible.  And that's the only reason why the other two challenges were given.

Impossible.  Nevertheless, while walking through Sunderland and while visiting charity shops I looked hard for a marble run.  Just in case.  After all, sometimes marble run toys can be found in a charity shop.  The giver of the challenge knows this very well, having recently bought a marble run toy from a charity shop.

But I wasn't in luck.  I couldn't find a marble run in charity shops or among the street art of the back streets.

The challenge was impossible.  I had failed.

Unless ...

What if I were to make my own marble run?

Surely we would have materials at home somewhere.  If I could think of them.  And I knew that we had a marble.  Many marbles.

In the evening I scoured the house.  There were no suitable materials.  None.  Nothing with a nice marble holding curve.  Nothing for a marble to slide down gracefully.

It was impossible!

Unless ...

Would it be possible to make a marble run with a few sheets of A4 paper, some scissors and some tape?  Would it?

I set to work and enjoyed myself cutting and sticking until this sat on my floor:

It's a marble run.  It is.  And I had photographed it.

Success!  I had succeeded in a quest which I had thought impossible.  Hoorah!

I have proof.  It's not just a mess on the floor.  Here is my proof.  A video!  Of the least impressive marble run on YouTube.

Here it is again, with an explanation that almost makes sense.  With a failed attempt.  And with a happy person.

Keep the hope people!  Don't give up!  And learn about The Sacred Harp!

It almost certainly is the least impressive marble run on YouTube.  I promise you that.  But it is a marble run and it made me smile and it made the giver of the challenge smile too.

Here is a rather more impressive marble run.  I was watching this a couple of days before being given my challenge.  Because I watch this sort of thing.  Hey, it's relaxing.

If you want more than one marble, I can recommend marble machines.  What more could you want than this?:

And if you're in a competitive mood, how about a bit of marble racing?

Or a marble mountain.

I was complaining that my only materials were paper, scissors and tape.  I could have made something like this.  But not in my house because the ceiling isn't high enough.

You may be able to spot that I quite like watching marble runs.  A friend posted one on Facebook.  And I found myself an excellent relaxation aid.

Yeah.  I succeeded in my photographic quest.  And then used that as an excuse to sit watching videos.  A double win!

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