Saturday, 8 October 2016

To Look Back on Writing. To Look Forward to Writing. Both Bring Smiles.

This morning I went to a 2 1/2 hour writing session that billed itself as an introduction to creative writing.
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This afternoon I look back on the results:

a. Another confidence boost. Because the words and images flowed. Freely if not with the skill of a profound wordsmith who has written each day for decades. My own skill will follow from freedom and commitment.

b. Enjoyment. Truly, that's the most important outcome for me in anything I write: That I enjoy it. I am writing for myself primarily.

c. A shortish story all seeded and ready to go in my head, which may never be written.

d. The urge to expand something I have. We were given a photograph of a person and a phrase as a seed. We wrote some character notes about our character. In three minutes. We then wrote whatever scene or story or anything else that arose from our notes. In less than ten minutes. Not quite long enough for a full novel. I read out what I had written and then nobody else wanted to read theirs because they wouldn't be as good. (Not true of course) But it IS good. I truly believe that. It's an excellent beginning and there is enough that I could flesh out story, character and write something worth writing. And now I want to write it properly as a full scale monologue and then take an acting lesson or ten to get me to a level at which I could perform it myself. That's not a job for this evening or even this week.  To be honest I am developing a pile of half-decent beginnings that may never develop middles or endings.  I find it very exciting to know that material exists.

e. A furthering of my inner acceptance of doing what so many people have asked me to do recently: Write my life story. I think it might be even more fun to write it but to intersperse scenes that didn't happen and thoughts I didn't have, placing them as alternative autobiography in the main text.

f. A rather gorgeous book on alchemy bought in Oxfam in Sunderland afterwards. Many pretty pictures - and probably much that will help me with writing at a later date.

All in all I can say I'm glad I made the effort to be there. Staying at home would have been easier and by the time I got home I was pretty overloaded and drained. I am very glad to be able to sit quietly now. I am proud of myself for getting there.

Hey, this writing thing is a thrill at times!  I have found something to bring me joy.
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I found it years ago but was never able to enter into it.  That's a tale for another day.  A tale of the madness of feeling shame for wanting to create something beautiful with words.  A sad tale, now being replaced by a happy one.

Tomorrow, penciled into my diary, is a writing workshop.  During the week there are four more workshops penciled in that take place in Newcastle and Sunderland.  Because I want more of this joy.  I like joyfulness.  Please sir, can I have some more?!

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