Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Days of Gratitude - Angels and Blob Things and Bears, Oh My!

So here we are again.  Another week of my posts from the Sunday Assembly Newcastle Gratitude Group.  A week of good things in my life.

And to lead in, something that I saw on my walk on one of the days.  It's by a path in a tunnel that runs under a main road in Chester-le-Street.  There are lots more of these - I'll stick them in a post sometime - which were placed there as a project for The Prince's Trust.  This one though sums up the reason why my Days of Gratitude posts all exist.  This is what I am striving for and it's become a part of my own self care.  Thankfulness on all the days, no matter how good or bad I feel.

Another thankful note for me.  This is my 75th post for this blog this year.  At the start of the year there were a total of 74 posts.  So with this post I've more than doubled the blog size.  It may be only me who gets happiness from such things!

What is also a thankful note is how many of these 75 posts have been filled with positivity, a positivity that was often lacking before while trying to work out some of the difficulties in my life and all the changes of the last few years.  Life is better now.  Many struggles are still there, but it's much better.  And I am determined to live this life as fully as I can.  Very determined.

6th June

We've lived here for more than five years. And we've finally done it!

Grateful that today I went with Beth to see The Angel of the North at a closer distance than when passing in a bus or car.

Great weather and the camera came out.

How many pictures is it possible to take of a hunk of metal?

The answer, as it turns out, is quite a lot.

7th June

Not being negatively affected by the woman in town who found my appearance so shocking. For being sure of my own wonder, at least most of the time.

For a drink in Geek Retreat just after it opened in the morning, when it was still quiet enough for me and I could claim the sofa.

For noticing my bookmark while reading a few pages in the cafe and it bringing back excellent memories of a great day.

8th June

For this guy. I forgot to take a friend to town to help with electrolysis. So I had to go hunting for a new friend. And I found this guy for a Pound.

For the smile of Blob Thing who now has his own blog because someone asked for it.  You can find it at https://blobthing.blogspot.co.uk/ if you haven't done already.  Personally I think he deserves a publishing deal, a movie and merchandising.  Because Blob Thing is awesome!

For the person who served me today at Specsavers who, on my third attempt to get things sorted, agreed that it could be done right there and then in the store rather than me having to go away and wait for a phone call even though phone calls are very stressful for little autistic me. Big relief to have it sorted without telephones

And for the 2.3 kg of continental liquorice that arrived today. A present from me to me.

9th June

Grateful to be able to walk.

From Chester-le-Street to Durham. Lots of pleasing things and a surprise priory that I hadn't heard of.

And enough photos for at least three blog posts for me and several for Blob Thing too.

His blog posts are being written quicker than my own!

Finchale Priory

Looking Towards Durham
 10th June

A quiet day at home - glad to be able to have quiet days. Especially when my arms are sore from all the unexpected hot sunshine yesterday!

Grateful for something a friend said last week. It gave me an idea.

The photo is of the building that used to be The United Theological College of The Presbyterian Church of Wales, which was part of the University of Wales. I studied there and for three not particularly academic years lived in the building before moving out while (kind of) studying for a second degree. Top left window was mine for a while, with a view stretching the length of Aberystywth promenade from the pier to "the bar" at the end.

Anyway. Grateful for this: The University of Wales is replacing my degree certificates, with my name as Clare rather than my old male name. It's a little thing and I hadn't even thought of it. But I'm pleased for it.

11th June

Grateful for an afternoon out even though it wasn't at all what was planned.

This is Blob Thing crossing the Tyne on the Metro.

Grateful for new 99p charity shop clothes.

And grateful for the liquorice tea I finally got round to trying in the evening and for brewing it for longer than the instructions said.

It's good stuff.

12th June

Grateful to be fed cake and hot chocolate by someone and to notice a few things in that meeting about how I should live.  I think I learned an important lesson.  A reader will understand that.

Grateful to notice the multilingual library in Eldon Square. Pretty amazing and I loved the Miffy display in the window.

And very grateful for the person who owns this very cool watch and for a rather exciting decision we came to in the evening.

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