Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Walking - Blob Thing's Day Out - Bothal Mill to Morpeth

Okay, I admit it.  This is a bit daft.  But I did warn that it might happen in a previous post.

Blob Thing has come out adventuring with me on some of my days out recently.  Blob Thing is a little toy that was made for me one evening by Amanda.  He's not the only toy she made for me.  There is also a strange purple toy who lives on my bed.  I named him Portal.


Partly he was named after the Archbishop of Canterbury but partly he was named because it would be wonderful if I could have an actual, working portal between my home and her home instead of having to use Megabus all the time.  That can't happen, so we'll just have to make do with a purple portal toy.

Poor Blob Thing.  I confess I forgot about him for much of the walk.  Too engrossed in the paths and in just how lovely path by the River Wansbeck is to the east of Morpeth.  Sadly he missed out on seeing views like these.

This is Stephenson's Viaduct over the Wansbeck.  A WhatsApp photo.  Amanda texted me and I just happened to be looking at the viaduct at that moment, having climbed down the bank onto the rocks to get a better view.  So she got a slight jealousy inducing message - This is where I am right now.
The view in the other direction

But blob Thing was remembered for the second half of the walk and he made up for lost time and enjoyed himself so much - you can tell from his smile.

By the end of the walk, Blob Thing was tired.  He looked forward to resting and was very grateful to be able to rest his (lack of) legs on the bus on the way home.  He was quiet for the journey, looking back on his happy memories of the day and hoping to have many more adventures.

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