Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Walking - Chopwell Wood, Derwent Valley, Tyne and Wear, 2nd May 2016

Another walk.  And this time I wasn't alone.  My child decided they wanted to come out with me and walk in countryside.  I asked where and they said "In the forest."  My first thought was that we would go and wander round Plessey Woods because I knew the way.  It was all planned.  But then I thought better.  We would go somewhere within Tyne and Wear because it would be cheaper.  They're a child here so can buy a day ticket for all public transport within the county for £1.10.  So I googled "Forest Tyne and Wear" and the first place suggested was Chopwell Wood, a place with a nearby bus stop and a regular service running from the centre of Newcastle.  Easy.

After lunch we left for Chopwell Wood.  It was so cold.  And wet.  And we had our coats.  We regretted this because by the time we got to the woods it was so warm.  And dry.  The bus route passes The Metro Centre where thousands and thousands of crazy people were visiting.  It then continues up the Derwent Valley which is very pretty and I kept getting excited by signs saying "Country Park" or about the "Public Footpath" signs and the paths stretching into the distance.  There's a lot for me to explore when time allows.  The psychological benefit of realising I can get to places for no money is immense.

I'm not going to describe the wood or the walk.  The official website says, "Chopwell Wood really is a wood for everyone. This 360-hectare mixed woodland is a real gem, set right on the fringe of Gateshead. Miles of paths allow fantastic access, walking and cycling into the heart of this fascinating woodland."  Nearby on the map are names such as "Victoria Garesfield" which deserves to become a character in something I write.  She may become the villain of something I have very loosely planned out in my head.  There's also a good walking guide on the site which is worth having if you plan on exploring the place.  I was also excited to see a sign for the Red Kite Trail which skirts the edge of Chopwell.  That's an eleven mile walk for another day.

No description.  Just photos.  Like most of them on this blog - unedited, taken on a mobile phone.

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