Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Days of Gratitude - Why? Friendship and Freedom in Greater Manchester

And the gratitude continues.

These were good days.  Another of my trips to stay with Amanda.  I love that part of my life.  She was working quite a bit - which is good.  It's great to watch her life continue to blossom even if it does mean I may get to spend less time with her.  I was able to use the time apart well and to enter more into what will eventually be a pretty wide exploration of Manchester.   Twice I walked from Manchester city centre and found good directions to travel.  Even with a duff knee that keeps hurting every step I enjoyed the experiences.  And Blob Thing got to visit the Blue Peter garden too and was extremely happy about it.  He'll blog about that sometime.

22nd June

Grateful to have travelled back to Manchester/Salford for a few days with Amanda.

We went to the theatre in the evening to see The 39 Steps. Cast of 4. 138 characters.

Afterwards the light in Salford Quays was brilliant and the temperature still warm.

It's good to be here.

23rd June

Grateful to be able to spend the day with Amanda, relaxing in Southport and buying much liquorice.

Grateful to lie under the skies and watch the bubbles from our bubble guns.

Grateful to play on the beach and have moments on which nothing matters at all except for being together.

 Grateful for having so many more photos than these.

24th June

Grateful that it didn't rain hard for too long and there was somewhere nice to shelter.

Grateful that it turned into a good day walking in central Manchester and then along the canal to Salford Quays.

Next time, a lot more of the canal waits.

 25th June

Grateful for a full day with Amanda.

She came up with an advertising slogan for Fleetwood:

Fleetwood It's a Bit Shit.

[Honestly: She just said "It's a bit shit" and I said that could be the slogan on an advertising brochure.]

Actually there were things to enjoy in Fleetwood and the ferry to Knott End was fun.  I felt a bit sad walking in the main street mid-afternoon on a Saturday to see it almost totally deserted.  It's certainly got a lot more deserted in the years since I moved away.  Hopefully one day the fortunes of the town can improve again.

So tired by the end and the world is very hard work for both of us. By the end, it felt far more shit than the most shit part of Fleetwood, wherever that may be.  It was tough.  Very, very tough.

Many times it would be far easier to not live than to live, to hide each day. But we have determination to live as fully as we can. And part of my determination arises from her example.

26th June

Grateful for a morning of quiet, alone with Amanda.

Grateful to walk through the afternoon beginning at Manchester Victoria railway station and following the River Irwell.

In the rain. In a cute short-sleeved top but no jacket or anything waterproof.

Grateful to find pretty things even by the centre of Manchester. And very pretty things as I walked further. Some will need proper return visits.

Another time the walk can continue from where I ended, Clifton Park and on another occasion I can return to Drinkwater Park too. Looking forward to those days.

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