Thursday, 23 June 2016

Relaxation on Referendum Day From A Folder Labelled "Various"

I'm looking at old photos again.

The day this will be posted is also the day of the European Union referendum.  Will the UK remain within it?  Or will we leave?  I don't know, but like you I have my hopes and opinions about the best option.

Blob Thing's post yesterday talked about refugees and about those wanting to close British borders to them.  Today he has more to say on the subject.  He's got a lot to say about many things, which is as big a surprise to me as to anyone else.  After all, he's just a small pink hand made soft toy.

I don't want to talk about the referendum myself today.  You can decide for yourself and don't need me to try to persuade you of anything on this blog.

So for today, something entirely relaxing.  Or at least relaxing to me.  Some of the photos from a folder I've just looked at.  It's labelled "2016 January to March Various Places."  There are other folders of photos from those months.  I've posted from many of them here - street art in Manchester and Blackpool, Vamos! Social in Newcastle, and the few walks I went on in those months.  And then there are these.  The other advantage for me of course is that this post doesn't need writing, it being just a set of photographs from my old, cheap phone.

A miscellany of pictures on referendum day because sometimes we need to relax and not devote our minds or even our hearts to serious matters.  The result of today's vote will affect us all, for good or for ill and probably for a mix of the two.  But for this moment, let go of the serious and indulge in photos.

The selection even starts with a picture of a cat.  This really is the restfulness of the internet at its best!


This particularly friendly one lives in a charity shop in Fleetwood.

A view from near home.

With my new camera I could have made a panorama shot and included the full rainbow.

This glorious creature lives with its friends in Heaton Park, Manchester.


This simple art hangs from a ceiling in a Manchester art gallery.

One of the ideas I borrowed that day - and I haven't done anything with any of them yet.

One of the many creatures adorning buildings in Manchester.

What words would sum up its facial expression?


Where, quite a lot of years ago, I used to live.

I was visiting someone there when this was taken.

Tea at Heaton Perk cafe in Heaton, Newcastle rather than Heaton, Manchester.

Looking across to Newcastle from the bottom of student accommodation that sits above Tesco in Gateshead.

I totally failed to get to a meal in one of them that night!

North Shields, looking out towards the sea.

North Shields again, looking across to the pier at South Shields.

A couple of pictures from The People's Museum in Manchester - worth a visit.  Plus it's free which is always a bonus.

And finally, a cyberman on a wall in Newcastle that most people probably wouldn't even notice.  This one has already appeared in a gratitude post but here he is again, assimilating us all.

There you go.  A strange mix.  Which sums up my life.

Tomorrow we will know the direction our country is going to take.  I hope we can walk through the political and social fallout, wherever it lands, and do so with love and compassion both for those within the UK and for those without.

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