Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Walking - River Don from the Tyne through Jarrow, 8th May 2016


The River Don from where it flows into the Tyne, along a mile of its course, to an underpass in Jarrow.

I was so tired that day but wanted to be out.  While walking I felt more and more tired and cut short a planned walk and only followed the Don as far as a path leading to Brockley Whins Metro station.  As I think about the walk I feel too tired to write about it.

River Don flowing into the River Tyne

Looking up the Don from near its end

St. Paul's Church, Jarrow
The route onwards from the church forms the start of Bede's Way which runs from St. Paul's (the adult home of St. Bede) to St. Peter's in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland (the childhood home of St. Bede).  I've walked it before and probably will walk it again although there are stretches of the walk along quite busy roads.

Jarrow Bridge
This old stone bridge used to carry the turnpike road between Jarrow and South Shields.  It was a medieval bridge but was restored in the 18th century.  A new road bridge was built in 1938-9 but not before the IRA tried to blow this one to pieces in 1921.  The scene in the above two photos has changed somewhat in the last century as this interesting piece shows.  That site will show you exactly what damage the IRA managed to cause.

Street Art - Underpass, Jarrow
I quite like street art - as long as it is art and not just someone scrawling their name in black spray paint and spoiling something.  The underpass on the walk has art on pretty much every wall.

More of the street art - Underpass, Jarrow

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